Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saving Liberty

So, our first two entries in this three-part series on Liberty addressed how to define “liberty,” and in a primitive way, how to share what is “true liberty.” Now we’ll attempt to resolve how to “save liberty.” We already know that many people are dependent on government goodies, and may not view their dependence as part of the problem. Others may be aware that their involvement in the government scam programs undermines their and our liberty, but have calculated that their own short-term interests outweigh the good of the nation and the freedom for future generations. A third group is the radically clueless. They have no historical perspective and no civic knowledge. They simply float along immersed in their own ignorance. So, how do we penetrate the barriers of self-interest and know-nothingness in order to generate a movement for liberty? Do we don the William Wallace costume worn by Mel Gibson in “Braveheart,” paint our faces blue, and scream “Freedom.?” It could be a beginning, but I suspect that it may attract the guys with white coats and butterfly nets before it lures a sufficiently large number of citizens to our cause.

It would be better if we could illustrate for our fellow citizens that government goodies represent the ties that tightly bind us and restrict our freedoms. Why is it that we cannot sue the government for misfeasance or malfeasance without the government’s permission? Why is it that the pernicious RICO laws cannot be used to break the government monopolies or disassemble government collusion? Why are overreaching government promises not subject to contract law? When the ObamaCare monstrosity was passed, I heard several people complain about the exemption for government functionaries. But that’s the point, isn’t it? If government grants you some unconstitutional goodies, shouldn’t they have the right to exempt themselves? When you slavishly trade your liberty for some semblance of government security, you will lose.

Your liberty, our liberty is not a segmented right. Just like one cannot be a little bit pregnant, one cannot be partially free. What does a little bit of liberty represent—a longer chain, a larger cage? Dancing with the government is not the “hokey-pokey.” You can’t put one foot in and take it out again. You’re either all in…and selling out your God-given freedom, or you’re out…fighting each and every encroachment on your ability to live in unencumbered liberty. None of us is clever enough, tough enough or strong enough to compromise a “little” liberty for a “little” security. Once the tentacles of Nanny get their grips on you, they will not willingly set you free. “It’s for the greater good.” Submit your will to the state for the betterment of all is the siren song that we hear so often to legitimize the government’s insatiable desire to control every little detail of our lives. I’ve often noted that government has no heart, no mind and no soul, but allow me to add that government has no conscience or remorse. If government messes up your life or destroys the well-being of the country, it merely consumes a greater share of our labor, our property and our liberty and moves on.

To save our liberty, we must stop the inexorable expansion of government, then begin to unravel its multiple threads, and reduce it to its skeletal foundation. Can we save our liberty? Perhaps, but only if a significant number of us denounce and deny the “welcome wagon” basket of goodies that our government and the career politicians offer us and promise us. Despite their protestations and tender words of compassion, they will not love us in the morning when they are done with us. Bottom line: Liberty is an individual right. One can do whatever one wishes as long as he/she does no harm to others or their property. For liberty to exist, therefore, requires that individuals gnaw through the shackles of dependency and deny the “Trojan-horse gifts” from government. Continuing to be a ward of the state at any degree undermines the refreshing prospect of liberty for all. Give it up and enjoy the blessings of liberty.

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