Saturday, January 22, 2011

Littlestuff Weekender-1-22-2011

How many are enough? During the past year I have visited many liberty, patriot or tea party type groups. The attendance varied from roughly a half-dozen to nearly 200 people. John Adams wrote:
“Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.”
How many patriots learning about limited constitutional government will it take to restore our Republic to its foundation? How many patriots after acquiring the knowledge will have the courage to battle in the political fields to rebuild the nation? How many patriots when thwarted at every turn by aggressive progressives and chicken-hearted politicians will have the will to carry on? How many patriots will go to the streets to demand that government leave them alone? How many patriots will continue to fight when the effort appears to be lost? How many? How about you?
Only 16 months until May 21st, 2012. Does anyone here speak Mayan? My 66th birthday is on 6/6/2012. Hmmm.
I read somewhere that this is the coldest winter in 86 years. Fine, but articles or statements like that make me wonder…colder in Tahiti? In Atlanta? In Antarctica?
The 19-0 Buckeye Men’s Basketball team has a BIG game with Illinois today at noon on CBS.
I certainly don’t want to seem like an alarmist, but I would encourage every one of you to plant a vegetable garden. When I look at what’s happening in the financial sector and with government spending plus a new downslide in real estate, it is hard for me to foresee a soft landing. There must be some turmoil and disruption, and food, water and energy appear to be our most vulnerable areas.
 Three words for why politicians should save their money: Cash for bail.
The Compact Fluorescent Lights have become the fiasco many of us predicted. They’re toxic when broken, their lighting life is much shorter than the proponents claimed, and they are dim. Repeal, repeal, repeal. At least allow us the choice of choosing between somewhat higher energy costs for Mr. Edison’s bulb and the toxic waste inefficiency of the CFL. Maybe those Obamacare Death Panels implemented the CFL mandate.
At least Frosty, my beloved canine, is housebroken because whenever a career politician walks in the room, I smell crap.
I’ve asked this before. Would you give your child over to a complete stranger? Of course, you wouldn’t. So why do we allow career self-serving politicians and indifferent bureaucrats to control our lives and our children’s futures? Some of the decisions we make in the world of government do not make any sense.
As you read these 6 xs per week Littlestuff-minoosha ramblings, I pray that you find them useful and occasionally entertaining. I truly enjoy writing them. They represent a measure of therapy for me, and I avoid the desire to scream incoherently…at the moon.
Liberty…getting it and keeping it… is a lot like swimming. You must keep stroking, or you’ll sink. I sense that we have sunk, but we haven’t drowned. We must begin swimming again as we gasp for air and fight fatigue, but swim we must.
It’s so cold that tears become icicles. My dog is nervous about doing his “business.” I love Frosty, but if his stream freezes while relieving himself, he’s on his own.
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. Back on Monday.

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