Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sporting Necessity

Firearms are not magical for me. Although I have hunted, I have no passion for it even though some members of my family do. Target shooting is not a pastime that I pursue with any vigor although I have engaged in it in the past. Truth be known, I have killed more deer with a Buick Century than I have with a Remington, a Winchester or a Savage. I do not fear guns, but my testosterone does not flow more freely when I embrace them. No, the reason that I own firearms is that I consider it a necessity to do so.
As many friends and acquaintances have informed me, since the passage of the Ohio Concealed Carry Law, criminal activity has been on the decline. The data indicate similar results wherever CCW has been implemented. So, is my sense of necessity misplaced? Am I overreacting? Am I paranoid? Not really, because I believe they really are trying to get me. Although I am more than forty-five (45) years old, I still consider myself to be a member of the regular militia. No, not in any formal or organized sense, but as a patriot who is committed to the defense of my nation, my state, my community and my home. Several years ago I concluded that if I were to take my defensive and protective responsibilities seriously, then I needed something more lethal than spitballs or sticks.
When considering options for personal defense, I briefly toyed with deploying claymore mines in strategic locations around our property. Upon reflection, I decided that the minefield solution lacked mobility, and thus, didn’t satisfy my requirements. In a similar fashion I discarded the moat and crocodile remedy because the nasty beasts wouldn’t survive the Wood County winters, and I wasn’t too fond of spending weeks shoveling the necessary trench. One other negative factor impacted the two previous solutions: either one would have caused lawn mowing to become a high risk adventure.
So far this article may seem to be a rather flippant analysis of a serious issue, but I am attempting to illustrate that those who would restrict my right to own firearms would force people like me to explore ludicrous alternatives for self defense. If I am to fulfill my responsibilities as a husband, father and citizen, then I must have a reasonable method for doing so. Some have suggested a baseball bat as a logical alternative. Well, if one wishes to get within forty inches of an intruder and prays that he isn’t armed with an illegally acquired weapon, then perhaps, maybe, possibly a baseball bat might be somewhat effective…then again, perhaps not. A knife has similar concerns. One must be close enough to feel and smell the breath of the unwelcome visitor. Too close for comfort.
Yes, I can dial 9-1-1, and hope that I can stall the interloper for the requisite seven to eleven minute response time as we wait together. Maybe we could enjoy a glass of sherry or some warm bagels while awaiting the local constabulary. The bottom line is that as someone who is committed to the defense of my family and my country, firearms offer the best and most reasonable option.
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