Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Frosty Rules

When I face an extraordinarily difficult problem while writing a column, I often “talk it out” with Frosty, my faithful and ever-present Golden Retriever. Sometimes he surprises me.

If Frosty were the president,
Of this great wondrous land.
He would be fair and just
Governing with a level hand (paw).

If Frosty were the president,
He’d follow the Constitution
And make the government
Pay out some restitution.

If Frosty were the cat in charge,    (I did that to annoy him)
Of every agency and bureau
The dollar would be firm and strong
And worth more than the euro.

“Hey, Frosty,” I said to the CinC,
“What about the economy?”
“It’s Mr. President to you,” he said,
“Don’t dump that crap on me.”

“But you’re the leader,” said I
To the exalted critter.
“You should have the answers,
The sweet and the bitter.”

“I’m just a figurehead”, said he,
“Others screw the people.
I just wear a happy face
While fooling all the sheeple.”

Stunned, I struggled to reply.
“Don’t you want to do what’s right”
Echoed my plaintive cry.
“Won’t you wage the virtuous fight?”

He shrugged and shook his head,
“It doesn’t matter any more.
The people do not know or care
What is worth their fighting for.”

“They have given up
And now they mail it in.
They won’t fight for liberty.
They’ll let the tyrants win.”

The noble mutt continued,
“It’s like they don’t really care
About their freedom and all,
What’s so reasonable and rare.”

I was shocked at my puppy’s critique.
“You must take action,” said I aloud,
“you cannot let this situation ride.
You must energize the crowd.”

“Oh no,” he replied with a shake.
“It’s not my job,” with a canine smile.
“Humans must motivate themselves.
It’s really not the doggie style.”

“If they indeed want liberty,
And the benefits it brings.
They’ll get off their lazy butts
And fight for important things.”

“But you’re the leader of the pack,
The President of the whole land.
Isn’t your job to rally us all
To be firm and take a stand?”

“No,” said Frosty, “I no can do.”
Like a mischievous little elf.
He said, “I am but a dog.
I can teach them to lick themselves.”

His loony answer startled me,
And I shook my head in wonder.
Isn’t he being a little nonchalant?
I began to ponder.

Reality came back to my reverie.
Frosty was snoozing on the floor,
And I was sitting at my keyboard.
He was the President no more.

He had a valid point.
The people must decide
To ensure their liberty
From politicians who have lied.

Frosty is not so different
From a politician the people calls.
He lacks the courage to do the job
Cause Frosty has no …

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