Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Golden Calf

While moving through the desert
For a period of forty years,
Moses and the Israelites
Suffered agony and tears.

Moses was called to the mountain
Where the Great I AM was giving
A perfect plan for His people
To follow while they were living.

While Moses was on the summit,
His brother, Aaron, was in charge.
The people grew impatient.
Their discontent was growing large.

They gathered up their jewelry
To make a precious thing.
A well crafted golden calf
Which they began worshiping.

Moses descended down the slope
Carrying the tablets in his hand,
When he saw the idol worship,
He dropped the Law on the sand.

The tablets turned to crumbles.
They were broke, just like the Law.
Moses was filled with rage
At the abomination that he saw.

The leader roared out in anger.
Demanded the wrecking of the idol.
He berated his unfaithful followers
Explaining faith in God is vital.

His tears were many and real.
His pain and dismay were great.
His people had just shunned the Lord
Who brought them from slavery’s fate.

On to the place of milk and honey
He was guiding them each day.
Wishing them to be faithful
By living their lives His way.

Moses shared the Word
With his unruly multitude.
Telling them of His faithfulness
And I AM’s unblemished rectitude.

“Never put your heart
In anything but Him who led us.
We are his chosen people
He saved us, and He fed us.

He brought us out
Where we were enslaved.
He’s leading us to the land
That for us He’s saved.

I shall be climbing to the top
To get His Law again.
Stay steadfast, O’ my people
Be true, just as He has been.”

Moses climbed the mountain
And brought the tablets down.
The people remained faithful
And gave a joyful sound.

Remember this lesson, dear friend.
Remember what you’ve learned.
Don’t put your faith in gaudy things
Or sacrifices that you’ve burned.

Read the story in Exodus.
Burn it into your soul.
Hold the faith forever.
Never let it go.

Be always faithful to Him,
Just as you’ve been told.
Don’t put your trust in government
And make it your calf of gold.

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