Saturday, April 9, 2011

Littlestuff Weekender-4-9-2011

The Associated Press reported that “an embarrassing government shutdown” was averted by the “historic” deal between Harry Reid and John “what’s his name.” The President will take credit for the massive $38.5 billion in cuts from his $1trillion 650 billion deficit (a painful 2.3% of the DEFICIT, not the budget). Meanwhile Planned Parenthood can continue running their gruesome charnel houses thanks to your tax dollars. The AP story also said that Boehner was applauded by his caucus for his toughness and courage in working out the deal. Someone tell those clowns that the bar has been set too low. It’s like the praise that public school kids get for just showing up. Sarcasm aside: Are they really happy with this? You’ve read it from me many times, and you’ve heard it in my speeches: Every time they compromise in Washington or Columbus, I lose more freedom and more money. Well, their record is still unblemished. Now, that invisible 45% of the government that was going to close won’t….until sometime in the future when no one buys our bonds and the money runs out.

Welcome to a warm weather weekend. We’ll be appearing at the “Finding Common Ground” Rally and Seminar at the Lyman Harbor Event Center in Sandusky, Ohio today. It runs from 10:00am this morning until 7:00pm this evening with lots of great presentations and interaction among patriots who want to take our country back. I’ll be on the program from 10:15 to 10:45am, but will be in the building for the entire program. I will have some of my new books available at the Libertarian table. Whatever you want to chat about, please stop by and say “Howdy” because I really would like to meet you.

Next Saturday (the 16th) I’ll be speaking at Canfield, Ohio on the green. It’s a Rally for the Constitution from 12:00noon until 3:30pm. I’ll be speaking on “Why Liberty?” The rally is being sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Ohio and the Campaign for Liberty. Northeastern Ohioans and Western PA’ers….y’all come.

We have bushels of issues at the local, state and national levels of government, but the bottom line is liberty. Does government spend too much? Regulate too much? Tax too much? They’re all matters of liberty. You own yourself (your life). You own your labor, and you own your property. No one, no government has any right to deprive you of your life, your labor or your property without your permission. Without liberty it is all meaningless. Without liberty, they own you. Without liberty, you become a slave, a serf or a corpse.

Most of us have a tolerance level for discomfort. After all, that is what marriage is about…tolerate idiosyncratic behavior from someone whose positives outweigh the petty annoyance associated with their sometimes goofy habits. In my view that level of tolerance has allowed government to grow and interfere with so many aspects of our lives. For me, it has grown from goofy habits to oppression….from quaint little tics to overbearing intrusion into every facet of my life. I want my liberty back. I regret that I was so uninvolved while law after law, rule after rule and regulation on top of regulations gnawed away my freedom to select my own choices. I want my liberty back.

Have you ever noticed how your dog can hear a siren while it is still miles away? I wish that I had the wisdom and foresight to see the glacial growth of our massive government back in the day when I was fat, happy and stupid. Because I was so tardy in recognizing that government was gobbling our freedoms, I now attack the issue with fury and frenzy.

My indoor starter seeds are coming along quite well…particularly the peppers. The Perrysburg Farmers’ Market opens the second week of May, so I’ll be looking to pick up some fresh produce from greenhouses and high tunnels.

Had an enjoyable chat with Fritz Wenzel on WSPD yesterday. We covered a broad range of issues and events. He had me follow a Charlie Sheen clip. I hope people could tell the difference.

Indians on a five game winning streak. Savor it Tribe fans. After all, they are the Indians.

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