Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Prince and the Paupers

As the President was addressing the nation (or the tiny audience that watched) yesterday, I found that my reaction was as predictable as his rhetoric. I do not believe that he is aware that the “all men are created equal” society of the United States has different expectations for our leaders than Kenyans have for their historic royalty. Vague royal pronouncements from the Prince do not allay the concerns and worries of the people. They sense that he is transforming them into paupers. After all, he does take pride in his transformational presidency. When the nation is wallowing in absolute insolvency, he can call another press conference and claim “Mission Accomplished.”

Obama used a term during his address that I found staggering for its effrontery. He claimed that part of his deficit reduction plan would be to save a trillion dollars through spending reductions in the tax code. That little term provides a picture window insight into the real attitudes and ideology of the poseur. The implication of the statement is that all money belongs to the government, and any portion of it that the people are permitted to keep is an expenditure…spending. So, the imperial prince of mendacity has determined that the government should cut spending by raising taxes. He wants more money from taxpayers so that he doesn’t have to curtail the goody packages that he hands to his most loyal supporters.

El Presidente’ delivered a laundry list of pandering programs that he asserted were national priorities. Perhaps they are national priorities in his elitist statist mind, but a thorough examination of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States reveals no evidence of the existence of any of those programs or goals. Not there. Not constitutional. Perhaps they are worthy. Maybe they are good for the country, but they are not constitutionally mandated or allowed. Nearly every president in our short history has overstepped the bounds of the constitutional limitations. In 1794 a group of western farmers objected to higher excise taxes on whiskey (to pay down the national debt) and resisted. President Washington sent the militia to force their compliance with the offensive tax. Congress has not been immune from blatantly violating their constitutional constraints. Every time some bubble headed legislator has an idea, they manage to further infringe on the rights of the people. So, Obama is not unique, but his sheer audacity and casual disregard, perhaps even contempt, of the constitution is breathtaking and ominous.

Given the willingness of both parties of Congress to cavalierly violate the Constitution and the natural rights of the people, we cannot expect them to suddenly acquire a constitutional conscience. Congress is complicit in the lawbreaking frenzy. Congressmen and Congresswomen believe that their intellects and their compassion are superior to ours; therefore they believe they are obligated to protect us from ourselves. Who, pray tell, will protect us from them? So, in the current environment where the President wishes to raise taxes and promise token reductions in federal spending as we speed towards fiscal collapse, the Congress will provide minimal resistance. They will engage in high sounding rhetoric and predictions of woe (truthfully, for once), but in the end they will hop on board the President’s fast track to failure. It is not coincidental that as the needs of the people increase, and the government lurches to supply them, the people’s abilities and capabilities to solve their own problems diminish. Feed the wolf on a regular basis, and he will forget how to hunt. Government programs have coddled us to the point that our survival as individuals and as a nation will be problematic if the system would collapse.

As we circle back to the President’s address and its underlying philosophy, my pessimistic assessment is that on April 13th, 2011 at approximately 1:45pm EDT, Barrack Hussein Obama delivered a suicide note for the United States of America. Congressman Paul Ryan responded with a statement that was equivalent to insisting that the President postpone the evil deed for a day or two. Under both scenarios we die. One lingers more than the other. Sometimes politicians believe that they are god-like. Apparently they are because they control the life and death of a great nation, and, it seems they choose death.

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