Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Dandelion

Have you had the experience of a four year old extending a yellow stained hand and proudly stating        ” I picked some flowers for you?” The crushed little cluster of dandelions represents her idea of beauty, and she wanted to share them with you. The dandelion is an amazing little plant. Its bright yellow flower and robust leaf array stand out in the middle of an immaculate lawn. If left unchecked, the hardy dandelion will propagate until the entire lawn becomes a waving sea of snappy yellow. It is unfortunate that so many people want to treat the lovely dandelion as a weed because the simple little plant can be transformed into an amazing wine….strictly for medicinal purposes, of course.

In some respects the radiance of the dandelion seems to be a lethal feature. The yellow is easily spotted   among the green, and its presence seems almost to be a dare…”take me if you can.” Crabgrass, on the other hand, tries to hide its nefarious existence by possessing some semblance of green as it establishes its deadly anchor in the soil. It’s the brave and somewhat functional dandelion that stands tall and boldly blossoms while announcing its presence among the evenly trimmed and blandly green grass.

The dandelion wants to be free. The dandelion wants the entire lawn, property and planet to share his liberty. The dandelion shouts in tiny plant talk, “you can do it…assert yourself…rise above your sameness and dare to be free.” Do the other plants respond? If left to her own devices, the single dandelion will attract a multitude of others. They will note that her radiant color reflects her joy in freedom…and they will seek to share it too. There are some; however who do not want the dandelion to thrive. They will poison her message and attempt to destroy her roots. Whenever they observe a single dandelion appear on the scene, they will rush to isolate her and remove her. Her existence in the field of uniform green is a reminder to the lawn keeper that some plants seek their own path and do not want or need the lawn keeper’s “one size fits all” control.

People who love liberty are the dandelions of society. Their lust for freedom helps them blossom into easily identified champions for liberty. Some try to silence them, and others attempt to marginalize them. The dandelions of freedom will not stop. They will find others to help them invade the world of robotic tyranny. They plant their roots and welcome others to their fields. After a time the dandelions for liberty become so numerous that the lawn keeper cannot stop them…cannot kill them…cannot isolate them. The entire lawn community will rise and fire the lawn keeper, and justice will reign.

Be a dandelion. Your nation, your family and your communities need you even if they do not yet realize it. Be a dandelion. Stand up and stand out for liberty. Be a dandelion. Bury your roots and don’t let go until others come along to share the journey. Dare to be a dandelion.

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