Saturday, May 21, 2011

Littlestuff Weekender-5-21-2011

It appears that the animal rights activists have captured the Ohio GOP….particularly the Ohio Senate. On Tuesday they will be voting on the RINO PROTECTION ACT otherwise known as SB 148. As it now stands, the bill will allow NO THIRD PARTY BALLOT ACCESS IN OHIO.  The GOP power elites have proven in the 2010 primary that they could crush Tea Party candidates. Now they want to eliminate any challenges from others who believe in small constitutional government and personal liberty. Lord Acton observed that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The state of Michigan grants ballot status to any party that receives 1% of the vote in certain designated races. Is Ohio too chicken or fearful to live with 3% or so? Apparently they are. If you wish to check out some suggested ballot language that protects your options, go to and view the pdf  that follows the story about last week’s testimony. Please call your Senator (find at ). It would be a travesty if Iraqi’s had more choices and freedom than we have.  

Just 10 more days remain in May. Local elections in many places are fewer than 6 months away. There is less than a year and a half until the critical election of 2012. Time is running through the hourglass at an accelerated pace. Now is the time to structure the organization, choose and design materials, and establish a solid timeline for execution.

The latest poll indicated that Ken Blackwell was leading the GOP field as a challenger to Sherrod Brown for the U.S. Senate. Sort of a bogus poll in my view since Blackwell hasn’t announced, but Dr. Michael Pryce has….and he wasn’t included in the questioning. Another case of self-fulfilling polling. The deck is stacked and the political elites deal from the bottom.

As we reminded you earlier, the deadline for filing petitions for candidacy for 2012 is December 7th…just a tad more than 6 months from now. Research, recruit, organize, staff and plan. If you or your group has a candidate or is seeking one, do it now.

Got some serious field work done yesterday, and plan to do more this afternoon. Rain predicted for tomorrow here in Wood County, Ohio. That has become the norm. Hope that some level of precipitation continues throughout the summer. Our late start for planting will hurt our yields, but a truly dry summer could be devastating.

The GOP presidential sweepstakes are all mixed up, but how many Dem’s wish they had the guts to challenge “O?” Come on, Hillary. Come on, Chucky Schumer. Go for it.

I would like to see a new federal office created, and I gleefully volunteer to assume the office: Dismantling Czar. The job description would be to eliminate every unconstitutional, unnecessary and inefficient federal agency, department, bureau and office. The only government employees who would remain after my reign of “error” would be the gate keeping guards at the CIA in Langley. They have done an excellent job so far.

The President has all the tact and diplomacy of an alligator in heat. His stated preference to restore the 1967 borders for Israel has been a topic that has never before been stated openly by U.S. Presidents or diplomats. Now it seems that he has something sticking to his shoes as he attempts to backtrack and minimize. His huge ego seems to drive him to state things under the assumption that if he says it, it will happen. We can only pray (and work) that his reelection efforts follow a similar pattern.

Personally, I wish more candidates would discuss liberty. Big Government robs us of our money, our property and our options. If liberty were the driving force or motivation for our decisions, government wouldn’t be so large, so costly and so oppressive.

Some group has suggested that McDonald’s retire Ronald because he leads kids to make unhealthy choices. Damn lefties should get a life. Next thing you know they’ll be after the Tooth Fairy because she conditions kids to expect something for nothing…thus creating an entitlement mentality. Come to think about it, they may have a point. Just thinking…just sayin’.

The Huck is out. Newtie is in. Cain is in. Bachmann is in. Daniels is coy. Christie and Perry claim to not want to run. Is Harold Stassen around? What about Walter Judd? Given how fast he wants to jump the ladder, I’m shocked that Josh Mandel hasn’t announced for President yet…he’s probably waiting for 2016.

I left the Ohio General Assembly in 1984. I served with John Kasich, Sherrod Brown, Mike DeWine, and Bill Batchelder…all of whom hold positions of responsibility today with Ohio’s government. Are you better off today than you were 27 years ago?

Our radio program on WSPD 1370 AM continues every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00pm. This week we’ll have Scott Allegrini from the Children of Liberty on our “Liberty Link” segment and Dr. Michael Pryce to discuss ObamaCare and his race for the GOP Senate nomination. You can find us at  or (419) 240-1370, (866) 321-1370 toll free.

Have a wonderful remainder of the weekend. Back on Monday with Littlestuff-minoosha and a discussion of sovereign immunity.


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