Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just for Kicks

Although historians have identified some significant dates for the beginning of our nation’s slide away from constitutional governance, my sense is that the major drift has taken place in the past 50 years. While one can make a case that the Alien and Sedition Act initiated the tendency of politicians to ignore their constitutional oaths, others would identify Woodrow Wilson (with able assistance from Teddy Roosevelt) and his progressive agenda as the beginning of our dismal path. Both of those actions or movements were instrumental in our fall, but the pace of our demise has accelerated dramatically during the past half-century…..and I know why.

Soccer is the dominant sport of socialist Europe and socialist/communist South America. It has become a major participatory sport here in the United States. Drive through any community during a summer or fall Saturday, and you will observe legions of fields full of young girls and boys chasing a spotted ball from end to end. Hordes of parents including the legendary soccer moms line the playing fields cheering on their offspring and chiding the officials. The parking lots are laden with scores of SUV’s from every imaginable auto manufacturer, and the tiny siblings of the players kick miniature versions of the game ball as they, too, roam the sidelines and snack areas.

Note as you watch that there are very few “chubby” kids, particularly boys, playing the favorite game of the New World Order. The male children are being transformed into a collection of seemingly anorexic metrosexuals because of their affinity for a sport that celebrates “flopping’ as opposed to the more manly pursuits of blocking and tackling while playing football. We can project that later in life the young men who were subjected to soccer will become the emaciated runners that so many of us see trudging along the streets and bike paths of our communities.

Soccer undermines one of the most important physical developments necessary for young people to be active participants throughout their lifetimes. The skill that becomes lost through soccer-induced atrophy is eye-hand coordination. When you think about it, you realize that a sport that relies almost entirely on the feet is as far away from the brain as one can anatomically get which explains a lot about why our citizens have become susceptible to the statists’ message.

There is a distinct and alarming correlation between the rise in soccer’s popularity and the decline in our freedom. Our liberty is being trampled on the field of “futball.” Our strength and our commitment to freedom have been replaced by short pants and yellow cards. Our economic might and willingness to risk have been overcome by “2 to 1” final scores. The unpredictable bounces of life and footballs have been superseded by the boring predictability of a round ball…..a stark reminder of the globe. We are doomed. J

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