Saturday, October 8, 2011

Littlestuff Weekender-10-8-2011

As the nine announced candidates are vying to secure the GOP presidential nomination, various states are jockeying for early primaries. So far it seems the primary season will get underway right after the New Year which means that about three months remain before the selection process begins in earnest. Polling and straw polls will lose their significance as the voters in their respective states trudge to the polls and select their favorite. The condensed primary schedule places a premium on money raising for the candidates because the opportunities for retail face-to-face campaigning have been minimized so mass media buys, direct mail and robo-calls become critical.

There are times when the gullibility and cluelessness of my fellow citizens drives me to despair. Now is one of those times. The President and his “pass the bill” mantra has become tiresome because we know that: 1) it represents a huge tax increase during a recession; 2) it is “stimulus II” which subsidizes public employees for one year; 3) it funnels piles of money to unions who will, in turn, contribute to Obama’s campaign; and 4) he doesn’t expect it to pass and wants to “blame” Republicans for not creating jobs. Yet, some people will “buy” his theme despite the clear evidence provided by Harry Reid’s failure to move the bill.

Here in Ohio we have less than a month until we vote on three statewide issues. Issue 1 changes the maximum age for running for judge in the state courts from 70 to 75. Issue 2 deals with the legislative effort to repeal mandatory collective bargaining/binding arbitration for public employees and local governments and school boards (SB 5). Opponents of repeal got the measure qualified for a referendum so the citizens of Ohio can address the issue. A “Yes” vote allows the changes the General Assembly passed, and a “No” would repeal the new legislation.

Issue 3 is the “Healthcare Freedom Amendment” that allows Ohioans and Ohio to “opt out” of the individual mandate imposed by Obamacare. This issue is a grassroots attempt to enforce the 10th Amendment since the State Legislature has exhibited neither the inclination nor the will to challenge another federal government over reach. A “yes” vote would signal the feds to put their usurpation of individual freedom of choice right where the sun never shines. A “no” vote is a ringing endorsement of Big Brother and the Nanny State. It is difficult to assess what the turnout may be since our “early voting” period has begun, and the progressives/socialists/statists have mastered the art of gaming the system.

Today is the “Day of Atonement” for the Children of Israel. It’s a very special and sacred time for reconnecting and restoring one’s relationship with G_d.

For those of you who are Christian or secular….78 shopping days until Christmas.

“Occupy” (fill in the blank) will not be covered in today’s column because to this point they don’t have large enough numbers to “occupy” phone booths and porta potties.  

We have a big weekend planned with much driving across and around western Ohio. Enjoy your weekend. Cherish your loved ones. Always stand for liberty.

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