Saturday, December 3, 2011

Littlestuff Weekender-12-3-2011

More rain has been forecast for this weekend here in Northwest Ohio. I do wish I had the financial resources and the space to construct a 10 trillion gallon cistern. I suspect and fear that fresh water will continue to grow in importance as long as desalination is not pursued on a massive scale. By the way a 10 trillion gallon cistern would be 6000 feet long by 5500 feet wide and 303 feet deep. Put another way, the cavity would be 1.14 miles long by 1.04 miles wide by more than 30 stories deep. In many ways it would resemble a missile bunker, and would require a very sophisticated pumping and retrieval system to be useful. You can send contributions to the email address below.

Question of the day: So is Newtie the anti-Romney? The anti-Obama? Or the latest flash in the GOP pan? As each candidate emerges then is crushed, it seems as if the flash pan is more like a bed pan. Our political environment has become poisonous when remarking that kids must learn to work is a deadly political faux pas. If the American people continue to allow the media and the progressive statists to control the national dialogue in such a ludicrous fashion, we are unworthy of liberty because it would be squandered on the stupid and lazy.

Remember when “The Partridge Family” seemed like a non-typical family? Or the Brady Brunch? Now, when a tight-knit traditional nuclear family becomes notable, it seems newsworthy. What a difference a generation can make. So let’s make a constitutional and liberty-based difference for the next generation. One generation cannot turn everything totally around, but it can redirect the momentum and jump-start the process. Although….one generation threw off the shackles of Great Britain, established a new nation and doubled its size with a purchase from France. Amazing things can happen in just one generation.

Birthers: I’ve written in an earlier column that the matter surrounding Obama’s birthplace is not a huge issue for me. I do believe that the President MUST be constitutionally eligible, and even more importantly, constitutionally faithful. If it were proven that Obama was ineligible to serve, the Congress would have to take measures to remedy the situation. So, I ask you….can you imagine Boehner or McConnell with Reid’s willing compliance undertaking such an action? Case closed. Bring on the election of 2012.

Truthers: One of my facebook entries ignited a thread between two of my loyal readers about the real cause of the 9/11 homicides of nearly 3000 Americans and foreign visitors. Again, I no longer trust my government, and I believe that a few of its agencies or power-hungry bureaucrats can go rogue at any time for the smallest of reasons. I cannot nor am I willing to spend mental and nervous energy trying to get to the bottom of that event. My focus is on returning to constitutional government wherein no one in government has the power or the resources to do grievous harm to the nation. Will that remedy prevent such malevolence? No….evil people do evil deeds, but good people should have the personal freedom to call them on it and hold them accountable. If it is ever proven beyond all doubt that our government was complicit in 9/11 and the subsequent cover up, then I will be more insist for change….by revolution if necessary. Even then, I would demand absolute proof that it was a formally sanctioned affair and not the brainchild of some loose screw who believed that precipitating such a horrendous event would stir the nation to confront the Islamic menace. Our DOJ’s agencies’ and Treasury agencies’ involvement in “Fast and Furious” has made me a greater skeptic than I was before. Nevertheless…to pursue the “Truther” threads requires more time and psychic energy that I have to spare. I would rather not go there.

New entry in the national lexicon:  Seabiscuit….USDA approved!

The global fiscal mess gets more tangled every day. The EU is about to implode. China’s high growth rates are triggering inflation and causing distress among the lowly paid laboring class. The problems in the industrialized nations are negatively impacting the emerging markets because fewer orders are being placed for assembly and raw materials. Any chain is only as good as its weakest link, and the global economic chain is loaded with weak links.

I only wish the Feds would go
And allow my garden to grow.
They always tell me what to do
With all the produce that I grew.
I don’t want their useless help
We’re going to eat it all ourselves.

Secession for Ohio….and maybe some nearby states…seems like a better option each and every day. The USA seems to be on a runaway underfunded high-speed train with no one controlling the throttle and brakes that do not work. With that cheery note, have a great weekend.

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