Friday, November 19, 2010

Enabling Rights

OK, the brassy bastards just won’t stop. We’ve advanced from an incremental erosion of our personal liberties to an all-out power grab. The historical march toward tyranny has a multitude of beginnings, but I believe that the most onerous one was the passage of the Federal Reserve Act on December 23rd, 1913. Merry Christmas, Suckers! Aside from the noxious fact that a gaggle of bankers control our monetary policy, the most egregious aspect of the Act was the Congress’ transfer of its Constitutional obligation to another party. This pattern has continued for the last century. The freedom-choking concept is “enabling legislation”--- a device whereby Congress drafts and passes broad policy measures and directs other entities to promulgate rules and regulations to enforce the provisions. Get the picture?

How many departments, agencies, bureaus, services, directorates, etc. are there circling in the federal universe? All of these pockets of power are engaged in rule-making that impacts our lives every day. Often they use bad science, incomplete data and falsely perceived threats as justification to implement their intervention into every facet of our lives. There are so many of these “alphabet” entities that we feel as if we’re being assaulted on hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fronts. The massive regulatory apparatus puts all Americans on the defensive, and thus, significantly weakens our chances for slaying the monster.

If you have a burning desire to suffer from glazy-eye syndrome, I urge you to read the Federal Register’s daily update for a full month. If you have the internal strength to NOT suck on an exhaust pipe after doing so, you will have one of two predictable responses. You will either sigh in resignation, or become so darn angry that it’ll be impossible for anyone to be with you. But wait, O’ gullible citizen, it gets worse. Perhaps you’ve wonder how these brain-dead career politicians with the sparkling smiles and the 12-month tans can generate so many abhorrent bills that enable the loss of our liberty.

The answer is staff. This semi-permanent group of lifetime bureaucrats works for the elected officials and for the various committees and sub-committees. They live inside the beltway. They have been radically infected with “Potomac Fever” with little prospect for a cure. They are the true enablers. They do the work and allow the legislator to appear competent. They author the enabling legislation that ultimately becomes law….and they do not have to go back to Minnesota or Texas and live under those toxic regulations. Besides, Congress typically exempts itself from much of the freedom-crushing legislation.

The Congress has legislated a multitude of unconstitutional acts that deny our unalienable rights. They have forfeited their Constitutional mandates by allowing other, unelected entities to implement, promulgate, regulate and enforce those unconstitutional provisions. Unalienable rights are natural rights. If you are a believer, unalienable rights are from God and cannot be taken or given away. If you’re a regular reader of my columns, you are aware that I’m a 10th Amendment nullifier. I believe the states have the duty to refuse to implement or allow any unconstitutional law to be enforced within their borders. I fear, however, that there are not very many legislators who have the cajones to stand up to Big Brother. Our unalienable rights are individual rights, therefore………

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