Saturday, November 20, 2010

Littlestuff Weekender-11-20-2010

Littlestuff Weekender: 11/20/2010

There is so much crap going on, so many assaults on our liberty and rights that I feel like the target of a circular firing squad. Security groping, take-over of food production, Chinese buying 18% of GM while our government retains a significant share, Dream Act amnesty bill, Cap and Trade via EPA regulation, Card check is still on the near horizon, Fed buying our own debt (QE2)…get the idea?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m overreacting. Maybe these little actions aren’t so bad. Well, consider the snail that scoots and slides through life, unaware of the world around him, until one day he goes through a radical transformation. He becomes escargot.

The courts have become a component of the big government liberty-suppression scam. Check out Roscoe Filburn from nearly 60 years ago. The cavalier denial of his rights to his own property greased the skids towards tyranny.

Jurists have no more courage than elected officials. Beneath those flowing black robes is …..nothing. They cite stare decisis when it involves an issue that they do not want to face, but will reach into forgotten Mongolian tribal law to support a position that is contrary to U.S. tradition. They (the judiciary) are part of a corrupt system.

How much coal-fired energy is needed to charge the battery on a Chevy Volt? Can you get more than 45 miles per charge if you have a REALLY LONG extension cord? How many would sell for $41,000 without the $7,500 government rebate/subsidy?

How long will it be before some enterprising entrepreneur sells “package enhancers” and “breast enhancers” to people who elect to have the full-body scan at airport screenings? Will the Federal Trade Commission charge those passengers with “misleading advertising?”

So, if the Food Safety Modernization Act becomes law, how many new inspectors will we require to monitor all the little gardens and food plots around the country? Now I understand where all the new jobs are being created. How will this legislation affect Detroit’s efforts to replace urban decay with re-claimed agricultural land?

As our economy weakens and inflation ravages our stability, will the Food Police monitor pets…who could become a food source when times become dire? What about weeds?...or bark?

Last call: The Chinese loaned us the money to bail out General Motors. When the GM IPO is floated, the Chinese bought 18% of the stock. The cash from the Chinese purchase goes back to the US Government. Does the US then pay the Chinese back for the loan?

I have a headache. Have a great weekend.

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