Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Many Thanks

It’s time for this curmudgeon to get maudlin and weepy. The past year has been so event-filled and my life has been so blessed, that I thought this is the perfect time for me to slobber my thanks to all who’ve helped me along the way. Please understand that it is impossible for me to thank everyone who has supported me in any way during the course of my life. Some people were helpful when I was unaware of their efforts, and others have been there each and every day for years. So by necessity, this will be a rather generic, broad based expression of my gratitude.

First, thank you to my parents, Betty and Ervin Earl, who invited a little stranger, suffering from whooping cough, into their lives more than 6 decades ago. Thanks, too, to my siblings, Karen and David and their spouses, Dave and Deb. All my nieces, nephew, grand nephews and nieces.

Highest praise and greatest thanks to Pat, my bride of 41 years, and to her family…my collection of in-laws and outlaws. Kelly and P.J. have ALWAYS been supportive of Dad and his passions, and now Kevin and Heather are learning to tolerate them, too. Shaun, Erin and Sully are my motivators, and pretty cool young people as well.

I would like to thank Doctors Brunner, Conlan, Huntington and Puhl for patching me together for the long and exhausting campaign. Also, kudos to the LPO for its support, to the party leaders particularly Kevin Knedler, and to all the candidates who shared lit drops, fair booths, parade floats and speaking engagements. Thank you, too, to the Liberty groups, Patriot organizations, Tea Party affiliates, 912er’s, We By For’s and others who asked us to address them. Finally, to all the civic organizations who invited us to participate during their candidates’ nights….thank you.

To our many friends, both long-time and newly found, thank you for believing in me, for your tireless efforts and most of all, for your encouragement. To our Facebook friends and Littlestuff-minoosha readers, thanks for sharing laughs, rants and events with us. And most of all, thank you’s to the 178,000 plus people who were not afraid to “split” the vote…who believed in the principle of liberty, smaller government and less government intrusion.

Thank you to my Lord for giving me an appreciation of freedom that can only come from an awareness that I am and have been forgiven, that I live under grace and am a child of God.


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