Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maybe you...?

If seems as if we are treading on thin ice. No, this is not an examination of climate change, but rather a look at how close we are skating to the edge of tyranny. Attempting to confront the overreaching arms of big government is similar to trying to slay the Hydra with a butter knife. The monster is so large and has become so unwieldy that it’s difficult to identify where to begin when deciding to dismantle the beast. Of course disassembly of the huge government apparatus isn’t necessary…if you don’t care about losing your freedom to decide matters for your own self interest.

Maybe, just maybe you are content with Big Nanny’s telling you what to plant in your garden. Perhaps you are more than happy to forgo the incandescent bulb to favor one that takes a long time to achieve top luminance and is difficult to discard because of environmental concerns. It is easy to imagine that you prefer an automobile that lugs around an extraordinarily heavy battery, uses coal-fired electricity to get charged, cannot haul the entire family, and is a structural death-trap. No doubt, you would not object when the Healthcare panel determines that your chronic condition would be too costly to alleviate, and the fact that your utility for the society has been limited means that medical services for you would be a waste of the State’s resources.

It’s conceivable that you approve of the government’s interference in the marketplace. After all, bureaucrats are extremely knowledgeable and forward thinking. It is always a good thing, isn’t it, when the government chooses some businesses to succeed (with subsidies) and others to fail (regulations, penalties, etc.). What could go wrong? You may even applaud when government bails out businesses that are “too big to fail,” (by the way, how big is too big?), then assumes ownership of stock and takes an active role in management and policy.

You might even feel confident that Homeland Security and other agencies and departments are monitoring your phone calls, texting and emails. You may be downright ecstatic with their post-facto security procedures. Each time the terrorists attempt a new method for creating mayhem, the security geniuses implement highly restrictive countermeasures, thus forcing the bad guys to develop more innovative methods for harming us. It’s possible that the specter of an increasingly growing police state helps you to feel more secure. Bureaucrats never err, and you have nothing to fear if they should wrongly determine that you could be a threat. Right?

At the rate that we are moving right now, you may have your perfectly safe world in a short time. I hope that you will be satisfied to live in your tiny little box and never have the anxiety that comes from having to make your own decisions. Remember, though, if you dare to peek out of the box, you will pay the consequences. Big Brother expects you to stay in the box because you have everything you need.

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