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For nearly my entire life I’ve heard “get the U.S. out of the U.N., and the United Nations out of the United States.” For a period of my life I found that sentiment somewhat curious. I suffered under the illusion (advanced by government-run school monopolies) that if all the people of the world could meet together, our problems could be resolved. Over the years, however, my position has shifted and hardened. The United Nations is the crucible of tyranny that encourages festering corruption and promotes the elitist mindset. Just as one must lance an infected area, the pus that the U.N. represents must be purged from our shores and cleansed from our nation’s agenda.

Looking back at 2009, United Nations diplomats and their flunkies had more than 18 million dollars in unpaid parking tickets to the city of New York and the five boroughs. Understandably, in the grand scheme of international finance and intrigue, this is a paltry sum, but it is representative of the parasitic nature of the United Nation’s presence in our land. When the elegant headquarters building was constructed at Turtle Bay in 1952, it appears likely that many were filled with hope and optimism for a new global initiative that would improve the lives of every global citizen. It was another utopian lie. Today the massive structure is crumbling and unsound. Billions of dollars will be required to restore the edifice overlooking the East River to a functional level. Unfortunately, a functional building does not guarantee a functional General Assembly or Security Council.

In a recent column in “” (10/17/2010), former Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, proposed relocating the U.N. to Geneva, Switzerland. The international clown school (UN) already has a satellite office there, so Blackwell reasoned that the move to Geneva would drastically lower the costs for maintaining the U.N. headquarters. Given that the United States contributes or is assessed 22% of the UN’s annual operating costs amounting to 1.8 billion dollars per year, Blackwell suggested that with a move to Geneva, the United States could reduce its portion to six per cent which is more in line with our portion of the global populace. The savings for our country would exceed 1.3 billion dollars annually. It isn’t going to happen. Our political class doesn’t have the courage or the foresight to pursue a policy that seems so reasonable. The striped-pant, tuxedo dressed diplomatic corps would vigorously howl if they believed that their opportunities for interacting with the tin-pot dictators of the world might be compromised or made somewhat more difficult.

In January of this year two columnists for “” had a better suggestion for relocating the UN. In my view, it’s an inspirational suggestion mainly because I have been promoting this idea since mid-2008. Joel Kotkin and Robert J. Cristiano (1/12/2010)were the authors. Their proposal was for the entire New York infrastructure of the United Nations to be transplanted to Dubai….among the United Arab Emirates. The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, was completed in January. It soars 2700 feet into the air, has 160 floors and contains 3.3 million square feet of unoccupied space. Only ten per cent of the structure is currently occupied, so the UN would have ample space, a world-class airport and every imaginable amenity available for its self-indulgent representatives and staff. In addition, there is ample parking space available so that New York wouldn’t shoulder the loss of all those unpaid parking tickets. By the way, that $18 million in unpaid tickets could fund 20-30 cops per year including bribes. This Dubai remedy seems to me to be a win-win-win-win solution. The building owners increase the occupancy, the UN gets a brand spanking new facility with much more space, the Third World nations will be gratified to have the global busy-body in their midst, and the United States’ taxpayers can save some bucks. To me, this is the perfect solution short of our total withdrawal from the UN (which I prefer). As a starter, I want them out of sight and out of mind. Instead of soiling Manhattan, the clowns can play in the Mid East litter box. As Iran becomes feistier, the elegant diplomats can stand on the helipad at the top of the building, and track the incoming ordinance.

If Frank Sinatra were still with us, he would probably sing, “Dubai, Dubai, Doooo.”

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