Saturday, December 11, 2010

Littlestuff Weekender-12-11-2010

So, library books circulate and so do blood and radiator fluid. Why should career politicians circulate from one elective office to another then to a cushy highly paid lobbying gig?

Coming next week on a Littlestuff-minoosha near you is our series on “Submission, Secession or Sedition.” Don’t miss it if your dream is to be on a government watch list.

I believe that the Americans for Disability Act was a self-preserving bill for career politicians. They are tone deaf to what their constituents desire, they are often blind to the real impact of their meddling, they can’t walk the walk, and they all suffer from CSD---common sense deficiency.

Politicians are generally filled with scatological residue….especially their brains.

Personally, I am so thankful for what Christmas represents, but as an evangelical Christian, I know that without Resurrection Day, December 25th would be just another chilly day.

Have you ever suddenly discovered that your two-year old is alone in another room? Did your heart leap into your throat as you wondered what was going on? Do you ever think about Congress in Washington?

Let’s see: the Dream Act is amnesty for 16-35 year old “undocumented” aliens. The Food Safety Act will make food production more difficult….and on, and on. Shouldn’t the titles of legislative acts reflect their actual impacts on all of us?

Yesterday I attended an all day workshop dedicated to organic farming. Thanks to Mike Anderson, et. al for a truly informative program and LOTS of valuable handouts. I did learn one disturbing fact, though; the federal government has regulations for fecal excrement. Yes, you read it right…regulations for manure. I’m sorry ‘cause all this time I thought that the feds didn’t know sh*t. They dish it out, and they study it. We’re doomed.

In her book, “101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution,” Claire Wolfe writes: “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

I’m slurping from the saucer ‘cause my cup has overflowed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Despite my raging cynicism, I’m still hopeful. I see the spark for Liberty in my children and grandchildren. During the campaign, I spoke with 9 high school government classes and two school assemblies of juniors and seniors. Many were unmoved, but enough of them listened, questioned and responded that I sense that we may have a large enough remnant to carry the torch.

Back in the day I recorded a number of radio commercials. I’m not certain that I could record many today. Just can’t hear myself saying, “if the erec*ion persists for more than 4 hours, call your doctor.” Doesn’t have the same homey quality that Bunny Bread has.

The troubled troubadour trooped towards town to try to teach the tiny tots to tango tastefully.

Little Sully, my youngest grandson, will be nearly 20 months old on Christmas. It’s going to be so special. Shaun and Erin, my two older grandkids, have matriculated to the gift card or cash phase. Even so, Grandpa buys books for everyone…including Granny.

So, I’m looking at the Drudge Report this morning and I note headlines about Cher’s sex life and Miley Cyrus using a bong at her 18th birthday party. I think that it’s time to cue Nero to start playing his fiddle.

Charles Krauthammer has an interesting take on the “agreement” between the President and the GOP. In his Washington Post commentary he claims that the D’s were the big winners because Obama snookered the na├»ve weak Republicans. Actually, he’s several degrees off plumb: the real losers were the taxpayers and our progeny.

My exciting life continues today as I re-organize the office and the man cave to create space for the video studio. If successful, tomorrow I return to my shop for more rearranging so that next week I can build the video set.

Interesting development this past week as Secretary of State Brunner certified the 2010 General Election results. The preliminary total for our SoS race was 178,004, but the final certified number was 182,977. This was an increase of 4,973 votes which represents 715 more votes than we garnered in the Primary. Somewhat interesting but quite forgettable.

Have a special weekend. I’ll be back on Monday.

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