Saturday, March 26, 2011

Littlestuff Weekender-3-26-2011

This is the final weekend of March, but March Madness continues on into April. No, I’m not talking basketball. I am referring to the madness in Washington as they get ready for another Continuing Resolution. It’s sort of like going to the ATM everyday for your pocket change except that it’s all borrowed money, and the ATM fees are horrendous. I hope they’re enjoying their spring break.

It looks like I won’t be purchasing a Caribbean island. My basketball bracket went down the toilet, and I will not be winning.

Our indoor plants are beginning to emerge, and I’m looking forward to planting the garden. I guess I’ll be fighting herbivores all summer.

This whole Libyan mess is an embarrassment. Not the fact that the exercise was illegal and unconstitutional. All the presidents have done that. The litany of justifications and rationalizations made my “B.S. meter” go ballistic. The sense that these egomaniacs have to prove their manhood by bombing someone. The idea that two weeks ago Ghaddafi was our “friend” to whom we were giving $1.7 million of our precious borrowed dollars. Now we want him dead…or we don’t. Either way, he or his family will be radically P.O.’d.

Also on Libya…so we confer with NATO, the UN, the EU and the Arab League…Congress? Don’t think so. The good news and the bad news: The New World Order is just as incompetent as the old one, but it’s just as demanding, controlling and evil, too. Here’s how the New World Order would assign global responsibility:
Food production; Ethiopia   Food distribution; Haiti      Food preparation: Great Britain
Military strategy; France        Military fighting; Italy
Social skill training: Russia      Social protocol coordinator; Singapore
Drug Czar; Netherlands           Ass’t Drug Czar; Afghanistan
Population Czar; China            Ass’t Population Czar; India
Tourism Czar: Cuba                  Ass’t Tourism Czar: Pakistan
OK, you get the idea. It would be funny except that we all would suffer. I believe that the New World Order will never come to fruition for three reasons: Incompetence by the political leaders, guerilla action by those who love freedom, and God disrupted Babel plus Alexander the Great died before he could conquer it all. The Lord rules the cosmos, and he doesn’t want some pretentious goons trying to assume his role.
Libyan Looniness

Once there was a president
Who had a massive ego.
So to prove his manliness,
He went searching for a foe.

He seems to sometimes act
As if he were the king,
So he feels that he is free
To do almost anything.

He thinks he’s infallible
And a genius to boot.
He fires all those Tomahawks
Wasting even more of our loot.

There should be lesson here
When leadership is a need.
Don’t select an arrogant clown
With an ego he must feed.

Buckeye’s lost Sweet Sixteen game to Kentucky, 62-60, to close at 34-3 for the year.

Buckeye Women play at Noon on Saturday versus Tennessee on ESPN.
On Thursday I received a mailer from “Speaker John Boehner” requesting that I “sign” the petition to “repeal” Obamacare. It was supposed to provide an impetus for the Senate to follow through on the House repeal bill. Oh yeah, they asked for money. I sent NO money, and I wrote on the “survey” that the House leadership choked and chickened-out by NOT defunding the $105.5 billion in the Continuing Resolution vote. Venal idiots. They rely on your/our ignorance. Their arrogance radically ticks me off.

How’s that UN military force working out? How many troops are there from the Arab League? Three…four…a dozen? So far, I’ve seen one helicopter from Qatar. That should scare the tar out of Ghaddafi. In the first 6 days of the conflict, the cost of deployment and armaments wiped out the GOP budget cuts in the last CR.

Never forget…narcissism can be deadly. Certainly we want leaders with self-esteem and self-confidence, but when they are self-delusional about their own infallibility, crap happens…big time.

Have a great remainder of the weekend. Littlestuff-minoosha will be back on Monday.

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