Monday, May 30, 2011

Half Mast

Begin with the following:
When warriors fall in battle, they fight for many reasons. To defend their families, to defeat invaders, to advance a principle, for love of nation are but a few of the sentiments that motivate people to volunteer for military service.
Today, I will acknowledge those who died in the nation’s undeclared wars and conflicts since 1946. Congress last declared war on December 8, 1941 for the duration of World War II.
United States Military fatal casualties.
Korea: 54,246
Vietnam: 58,253
Desert Storm: 269
Somalia: 18
Afghanistan: 1595*
Iraq: 4454*
*= through May 11, 2011.
Please remember to give them and those who preceded them a moment of silence today. After all, they’ve given their “forever” for you.

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