Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Press One

Do you ever get frustrated when you are negotiating one of those automated phone systems and the first command is “Press 1 for English?” Our nation has been truly blessed by the people who love liberty who have come to our shores seeking a better life. They have come here from every corner of the globe and represent many cultures, customs, faiths, languages and dialects. They all share a thirst for freedom and the desire to work diligently to achieve prosperity. We welcome them because their passion for America and their various backgrounds add texture and nuance to our nation.

When the eager immigrants enter the United States they typically gravitate to locales where they can find clusters of people from their former countries or regions. These enclaves occasionally develop into subsets or colorful neighborhoods within some major cities. The old world cultures, foods and pageantry are continued but with a distinctly American hue. Outside the neighborhood however, most of the newcomers assimilate … become part of their new land. Each generation becomes more homogenized as many of the old traditions and routines are left behind. This has been the saga of people who have come to our land until recently. The entitlement mentality of the leftist statists has corrupted a rich, rich history of immigrants becoming fully American while retaining much of what they left behind. The statists encourage the Balkanization of our nation by promoting that new arrivals be granted total equality in service in their old languages. If you recall, the world united to challenge God by building the Tower of Babel. He divided them into many groups by scrambling their languages and making it impossible for them to understand one another. So, if we desire to fracture our nation more severely than it is today, the promotion of native languages in everyday discourse will do it. Our country will become a cacophony of words, insults and demands, and we will not comprehend what one another really means.

Unity of purpose, unity under the law and unity of language will cement us together. If certain segments of our population obstinately cling to the old ways and the old language, assimilation will not happen, suspicion and distrust will flourish. There is a measure of respect that those who seek to maintain their roots have earned, but if they refuse to integrate into the language and mainstream of their new nation, they have forfeited the privileges that are available for the remainder of the population. The resident established citizenry should not be forced by government to yield to the tyranny of a new minority. Either join us or leave us. Enjoy your history in your home, but conform to the traditional marketplace when on the streets. Spanish is the chosen language of the politically correct diversity crowd. They claim to want to open the doors of opportunity for Spanish speaking immigrants and/or citizens, but are driving wedges among many of our people and communities. It’s a bogus benefit because it continues to isolate those who do not learn English and assimilate. What about the multitude of Cubans, who came to our shores, retained many aspects of their culture, learned English and thrived? Why shouldn’t the newer entrants be encouraged to follow a similar path?

Liberals, progressives and statists are dividers…not unifiers. They define the nation’s landscape in “either/or” terms: rich or poor, black or white, producer or looter, Spanish or English. With them it’s always a struggle against some mythical oppressor as they expand the power of the true oppressor…the government. The statists seek to divide the country into isolated islands of discontent, and they and their monstrous government will deliver the prescriptions for the disaffected. The insistence (now written into law) that Spanish be an equal player as a language for national discourse is an example of their divisive tactics. Hungarian, Chinese, French, Norwegian, German and Vietnamese have all been overlooked as semi-official co-languages. This oversight should suggest to reasonable people that the choice of Spanish versus all the other choices available is a political one…not an earnest attempt to enhance communication. Unity for a nation during stressful times is necessary. Unanimity is rare, but if unity prevails, the people have a better chance to overcome the difficulty. Unity is made more difficult to achieve when the law and the political class engage in divisive behavior. “Press 1” if you want to stop this folly of statist control, or “Press 2” to fold the tent and begin anew.

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