Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Statesmanlike Stupidity

Comity and collegiality in elective politics are overrated. It’s the progressive-statists who consistently beg for a “new tone” while savaging those who believe in responsible governing. Moderates, wimps and Republican officeholders are the only classes of people who fall for the lefty ruse. GOP elected officials long to be seen as statesmen…as reasonable accommodators who want to do “good.” Statists, on the other hand, will use any means…deception, intimidation or power…to achieve their goals. A lefty statist will rip your lungs out through your throat if it would help him achieve his objective. A Republican would seek compromise and a “meeting of the minds.” Statists have been winning. Wimps, moderates and the GOP have been losing the country…one law, one regulation, one compromise at a time.

Democrats and statists fight like cornered rats when they are challenged. Republicans fight like lazy lap cats…stuffed ones. The country, our future, needs fierce alley cats that will take no prisoners and allow NO MORE STATIST ENCROACHMENTS ON OUR LIBERTY! Compromise and statesmanship are valuable when dealing with marginal issues, but on matters of principle and survival, they are deadly tactics. Compromise on principle and the nation loses. Compromise on survival, and we die. Our career politicians have become so enamored with deal-making …so obsessed with statesmanship that they unwittingly ignore principles and jeopardize our survival. Diplomats have their purposes, but when the ramparts have been breached, we need warriors.

Compromise can indeed be useful for resolving certain types of disputes or disagreements. Price haggling for example is a form of compromise. My liberty, our freedom is priceless, and I condemn those politicians who so cavalierly swap our liberty for power or the approval of others. They must learn before we collapse that a “no resolution” for a disagreement is always better than a bad solution. Stalemate is preferable to our losing a little more of our liberty, our property or our nation. Warriors who are leaders would transform the stalemate into checkmate as they battle to topple Big Brother’s oppressive kingdom. We are facing an all-too-common problem in our halls of government: too many self-appointed chiefs and too few braves.

Real braves become leaders by proving that they are warriors in the heat of battle. Chiefs who hold their positions because of longevity or their ability to compromise are undermining the cause of liberty. In 1773 a group of locals dressed as Native Americans dumped symbols of British tyranny into the cold waters of Boston Harbor. To bring a parallel forward to today…Sam Adams, Patrick Henry and their peers were warriors…braves. The chiefs of the 18th Century colonies fled to England or Canada. The warriors led the battle for freedom. We can hope and pray that our present day chiefs (Tories who embrace the existing order) run to another place so that the business of restoring our liberty and saving our nation can get underway. Please take note Speaker Boehner, Mr. Cantor, Mr. McCarthy, Senator McConnell and Senator Kyle. Your collective style and your eagerness to accommodate the massive growth of government and the bankruptcy of our nation have caused you to become impediments to the cause of liberty. Your time has passed. You’ve done enough damage by allowing the statists to succeed with nary a whimper. We need warriors who hold the line and not deal it away.

Today’s rant has been precipitated by a couple of events that took place this past Father’s Day weekend. First, Minority Leader McConnell stated that he expected a short-term small increase in the national debt limit to allow for more negotiation on the forthcoming budget. Second, Speaker Boehner and Ohio Governor Kasich played golf with the President and the Vice President. Certainly, civil behavior and common courtesy should be practiced, but it’s time for the “old boy go along to get along” system to stop. The statists have driven our nation to the edge of destruction with the complicity of the GOP. The people have been dumping tea into the harbor of discontent for nearly two years. It is time for the leaders of the opposition to either lead or remove themselves. Failure is no longer an option.

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