Friday, February 10, 2012

Littlestuff Weekender-2-11-2012

Home today following an exhausting and busy three days at CPAC. I had a chance to chat with some notables and some unknowns. Michele Bachmann and her assistant, Becky Rogness, shared a short time with us. Senator Rand Paul and former Senator and current candidate George Allen stopped for mini moments. Chip Reid of CBS News interviewed me for about 5 minutes, used approximately 12 seconds of the piece and placed it in the wrong context. Oh well, it’s the Main Stream Media and they are ideological and generally incompetent. We did encounter a 2 hour protest by the IBEW-led Occupy crowd….didn’t amount to much. Approximately 300 of the looting class failed to disrupt the producers. Looking forward to enjoying Sunday at the Little Patch of Paradise with my faithful canine companion, Frosty.

All in all CPAC is a worthwhile endeavor if you’re in to playing groupie, business card collector or fawning media watcher. This will be my final one unless I have a significant designated task for any future one (e.g. book signing, speaking or broadcasting duties). Elbow to elbow, lemming-like crowd movement is not my idea of a good time. It’s always great to renew old friendships, but the telephone and email are more private and less costly.

Dr. Paul did not address the CPAC convention, but Mitt, Newt and Rick did on Friday. Of the three Newt had the best and most raucous presentation, Mitt used more than 20 references to the word “conservative” during his speech….probably a subliminal thing, and Santorum professed to be the only clear contrast with Obama. Will their appearances and the subsequent media coverage change the dynamics of the race? Who knows?

As I traveled throughout the halls of the Marriott, it was obvious that an overwhelming number of the attendees wanted Obamacare stopped. Yet…neither McConnell nor Boehner was called out for his cowardly lack of leadership. It seemed as if the activists and their political leaders were moving in parallel universes. They all agreed about that it was bad, but no one (at least openly and publicly) attempted to hold the clowns accountable. That is my biggest regret about the CPAC gathering. I should have gone to the Boehner and McConnell speeches and risked being tossed for “dissing” them. I didn’t realize that I would have to be the only one of 6000 people who thought it necessary.

Tuesday evening from 6:00pm to 7:00pm I’ll be back on the air on the Talk of Toledo, 1370 WSPD. It’s Valentine’s Day so I may play the role of “Dr. Love.” Then again, perhaps not.

Thursday night, February 16th, I’ll be speaking with the North Central Ohio Conservatives (NCOC) about The Fed and the economy. The meeting begins at 6:30pm and is held at the Camden Falls Complex at the intersection of US 224 and Ohio 231 on the south edge of Tiffin….right beside the Hampton Inn. If you can make it a little earlier, I’ll be eating dinner at Carmie’s in the same building. Good food and great prices are standard there.

On February 25 and 26 I’ll be in Elisabethtown, Kentucky to speak to the Libertarian Party of Kentucky. My theme will be “Why liberty? Why now?” If you are in KY, Southern Indiana or Southern Ohio, just check out the KyLP on Facebook for details and “come on down.”

Has Greece gone under….yet? What about California or Illinois? Maine selects their delegates today (Saturday).

Attorney General Eric Holder should be removed from office and prosecuted…at the very least for perjury regarding the Fast and Furious murderous debacle. He is an incompetent, lying ideologue….a dangerous combination for the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the nation.

If you read my Friday column ”My Hall of Heroes,” you may be interested in knowing that I had more than 80 total responses from my various distribution sources. Nearly half of them “bitched” because I had left their favorite off my initial list. Good grief, the column was more than 1100 words…I had to stop somewhere. Poor persecuted me! J

Have a great weekend and a superb next week and a glorious eternal life.

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