Friday, March 18, 2011

Counting Heartaches

Old country songs are comforting for me. They take me back to an era of hope and optimism. Some of them, however, are rather melancholy and conjure up a number of “what-might-have-beens” in my mind. Here’s one of my favorites that provides the impetus for today’s column.

Now I’ve got heartaches by the number
Troubles by the score
Each time they’re in session
They give me many more.

Everything they try to fix
Turns out to be much worse.
They keep spending money
From an already empty purse.

They control my lightbulbs and my guns
And regulate my toilet too
They have their noses everywhere.
There’s not much that I can do.

Raising my taxes and fees and such
They make my life a trial
I am running out of money,
While others live in style.

They’re buying votes with the pork
That I am paying for
And giving it to others who
Keep asking them for more.

They keep passing rules and regulations.
They are rubbing me so raw
‘Cause every time I turn around
I break another sneaky law.

They ignore the Constitution of our land
Nearly each and every day
By doing things they should not do
And then forcing me to pay.

Lest you fear that I’ve forgotten
The President’s role in this cluster.
He’s so smug and arrogant
With no birth certificate to muster.

None of them care about the Founding,
The Framers and the liberty we savor.
They continue doing as they please,
And pretend its for my favor.

With all the heartaches I’m feeling now,
It sometimes seems more than I can bear.
The politicians are harming my nation,
And they don’t seem at all to care.

Our liberty is too important,
To allow them to take it away.
We must fight these venal S.O.B.’s,
And win a new Independence Day.

It breaks my heart to hear them speak.
Of all the words they can say to me,
They NEVER say the important ones,
“We will protect your liberty.”

“Constitution and freedom” are quaint
To the current political class.
Old useless and tired concepts
That echo from our past.

We need new leaders in this land
Who know what we want to be.
Not wards of the state or nation,
We simply want to be free.

So, dear leaders of the land
Take all these heartaches of mine.
Put them where your head is now.
That place where the sun doesn’t shine.

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