Thursday, March 17, 2011

Parsing Davy

It was a number of years ago, but I can recall when our family got its first television set. It was a black and white GE console with a 13 inch screen. As a six-year old, I marveled at the variety of entertainment options that our single channel provided (Channel 13, WSPD-TV). There were two programs that I didn’t want to miss (even in 1952, television addiction became an issue). The first show was a 15 minute Gabby Hayes program that was on daily at 4:15pm…just when my school bus (Willard Hipsher, driver) dropped me off. I would watch the show as I changed clothes to go to the barn and do my chores. The other favorite of mine was “The Wonderful World of Disney” which appeared on Sunday’s at noon. My imagination would run wild during the opening sequence that featured Tinker Bell and Fantasyland. My fertile mind filled in vivid colors on the black and white screen. Disney programming was always interesting, but my favorites were “Johnny Tremain” and “Davy Crockett.”  Tremain was an active, astute and accomplished young boy during the colonial-revolutionary period of America. I often identified with his exploits as he advanced the cause of Liberty.

Crockett was a true hero for a six-year old farm boy from North Central Ohio. Wearing my coonskin cap and clutching my junior-sized replica of “Betsy,” I watched the master frontiersman defeat the forces of evil and nature.  Fess Parker, who portrayed Davy, represented the embodiment of honor, courage and integrity. Nearly every boy of that era could sing “The Ballad of Davy Crockett,” and recite the famous Crockett motto: “Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.”

We need a Davy Crockett today in the United States. Our political leadership has consistently failed us. To illustrate the difference between people of character like Davy Crockett and today’s statist political class, I will parse his motto for both major political parties. I choose to use the Democrats and Republicans for the parsing because they have shared power in our country for 150 years…ever since the Whig party went to that smoke-filled room in the sky. Let the parsing begin.

Be: For Republicans, “be” means living being… a definite pro-life message that is given lip-service and                               little action. 
 For Democrats, “be” means that you are alive, having escaped the abortionist’s knife, and are therefore entitled to the wealth of others.

Sure: For Democrats, “sure” equals certitude or that minorities, unions, leftists and the poor will ALWAYS vote for them…so take them for granted and abuse them frequently.
For Republicans, take the social conservatives, the fiscal conservatives, the small-government types, and the Tea Party activists for granted and abuse them constantly.

You’re: For both parties it means me, myself and I.

Right: For Republicans it means “don’t make waves” just initiate micro-movements toward the Constitution and blame Democrats.
For Democrats it suggests that “if it feels good, do it.” The fact that someone wants it, and it may generate votes makes it right.

Then: This is the linkage that both parties use to justify their theft and pillage plus their crushing of our liberty.

Go: For Democrats this word means to blindly go forward as in “we’ll find out what’s in the bill after we pass it.”
For Republicans the word suggests Chamber of Commerce meetings, corporate outings and international intervention. The word “go” never refers to repealing toxic legislation or reducing the size of government.

Ahead: For both parties this refers to the cranial portions of the citizens’ bodies “on a platter.”
For Republicans this also refers to enabling the progressive/statist agenda of the Democrats while limiting personal liberty.
For Democrats “ahead” is a synonym for bigger, more intrusive government.

When two parties have controlled the apparatus of government for more than a century and a half, it seems logical that they would become smug and elitist. Their primary concerns are partisan ones, and they have forgotten the concept of principle. Both parties would dismiss Davy Crockett as an unsophisticated rube, and would not offer him a seat at the table of power. To me, Davy Crockett represents the Tea Party, Liberty, Patriot and 912 movements. We need men and women like Davy Crockett to recapture the spirit of the United States. Davy and his legacy died at the Alamo. Our current gaggle of political hotshots may be leading us to Armageddon.

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