Saturday, March 19, 2011

Littlestuff Weekender-3-19-2011

Our final quickie analysis of the success or failure of Congress to abide by the enumerated powers in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States.
Legislative oversight over the District of Columbia: They do it, but it stinks, big time. Too many buildings, too much cost, the District is high crime, high poverty, low educational achievement. As a laboratory and example of federal micromanaging, D.C. is illustrative.

Enabling legislation to execute Constitutional powers: They’ve done that (except for the control of the money) and more. They have gone insanely wild over the decades enabling too many extra-constitutional functions and interventions.

Thursday night at the North Central Ohio Conservative meeting in Tiffin, Jim Green had some puzzlers for us about Ohio history. I had them all except for one: When was the state motto “With God all things are possible” adopted? Give up?.....1959. Also, I believe the “under God” phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance was added in 1954. So, do these two occurrences indicate some pushback against the aggressive progressive agenda of the previous 40 years?

I heard a seismic geologist predict a major earthquake for the Pacific shore region of North America to occur between March 19th and April 26th. His calculation is based on the activity around the Pacific region Ring of Fire that commenced in South America 2010 and the latest activity was, of course, the Japanese disaster. Fervent prayer is always in order, but now might be a good time to up it a notch or two.

It was personally disappointing, but not unexpected, when the last Congressional Continuing Resolution cut spending by $6 billion, the debt increased by $72 billion on that day, and they left the illegal unconstitutional $105 billion Obamacare appropriation untouched and unmolested. The two old parties have been trading and sharing power for 150 years. They will not, they cannot radically alter the way things are done. It’s in their political DNA. Boehner, in my view, is a cynical unprincipled career politician. He detests the Tea Party-type “extremists” while giving them sugar-coated lip service. It’s to be expected from someone who has been in Washington for 20 years and never led a charge up the hill for a principled stand.

In Ohio, Governor Kasich has seemed to move quickly to get the budget under control. He hasn’t proposed a nickels and dime approach like in Washington, but has gone after it in one big bite. Two problems that I suspect may happen: The Ohio Senate has shown that they would rather play politics than save the state during the SB 5 action, and the Gov. could have cut or eliminated more unnecessary departments and agencies. As long as they continue to exist, we’ll go back to budget creep as they lobby the legislature to restore their funding. The best method for dealing with a cancer is to remove it, not contain it.

Buckeye Women’s Basketball opens their NCAA tourney action today at 1:30pm vs. Central Florida on ESPN2. Go…Jantel, Sammy, Taylor, Britanny, Ashley, Sara and the rest of the team. Continue the rush of the last nine games.

Buckeye Men’s team pounded the University of Texas San Antonio 75-46 to go 33-2. They’ll play George Mason at 5:15pm Sunday. Should be a blow out since George Mason has been dead for a really long time (219 years).

On Saturday, April 9th, the Freedom Institute is having an exciting affair: Finding Common Ground and the Future of Conservatism.
It goes from 10:00am to 7:00pm with a smorgasbord lunch available. Profits will go to Erie County Right to Life.
Location: Lyman Harbor Marine, 1615 First Street, Sandusky, Ohio 44878
Cost: $5.00 per person
All day indoor rally for Tea Party types and other concerned citizens will feature speakers from across the spectrum of conservative activity. I’m honored to be on the program at (tentatively) 10:30am (the Egg Mcmuffin shift). Please come, help some great speakers, meet some fellow patriots, enjoy some tasty chow and go home inspired and even more committed to liberty.

Have a great weekend. Littlestuff-minoosha will return on Monday.

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