Saturday, April 2, 2011

Littlestuff Weekender-4-2-2011

As a person who was reared on a farm, April is always a month of demarcation for me. Back in the day when we used the moldboard plow for everything, April is when the plowing and ground work would begin with fury. Also, depending on the weather, we might consider allowing the cows to roam out to pasture during the daylight hours. Easter usually was celebrated in April, and the “sunrise” services were special. One of my former preachers used to say “without the resurrection, the New Testament of the Word has no meaning. With the Resurrection, it means everything.”

Things are a little different in Libya than they were a week ago. Supposedly, we are no longer providing air power (at $700,000 per ordinance), but we now have CIA and SEALS on the ground there. Also, there are some rumblings that at Camp Lejeune, the Marines are being readied for some action. We shall see.

It seems unproductive to have such ferocious battles over two or three weeks funding for the federal government. My sense is that the Democrats are fighting every nickel of cuts in order to prevent their being “rolled” for the 2012 budget which is due by September 30th. On the flip side, the House leadership wants to prove that they can “work” with Democrats by proposing token budget cuts and not attempting anything to severe. Then there is the minority of the Republican caucus who wants to have the showdown as early as possible in order to set the tone for going forward and to set the base for fiscal responsibility. The loudest and most vicious battle, by far, is the war of words. Personally, I believe the Democrats want to spend our nation into collapse (many of them doubt that it will happen because they get their training in economics from the backs of granola boxes), while the Republican leadership wants to display how “reasonable” they are. If one reads the second paragraph of The Declaration of Independence, you will find a passionate argument for shutting it down and building anew. As each day goes by, I become more committed to that point of view. Certainly a long term shut down would be painful and disruptive, but we might emerge with a more efficient and free government on the other side. Then again, perhaps not. Shoot, let’s give it a shot and see what happens.

Here in the Buckeye state Senate Bill 5 (re: public sector unions) has passed and been signed by Governor Kasich. The Democrats offered no amendments and made no attempts to change the bill as it wound its way through the process. It’s a two-pronged strategy: they can totally blame the GOP for attempting to destroy the public sector unions, thus securing their undying gratitude and dollars for perpetuity; and they can make the argument in the next election cycle for more Democrats in the legislature to stop the steamrolling Republicans. I believe that the D’s and their union pals have miscalculated the public sentiment. They have already begun to gather signatures to place the repeal of SB 5 on the ballot which will lead to a showdown of raw political power. The Ohio version of the “O.K. Corral” is coming soon to a street and polling place near you.

Don’t forget: Finding Common Ground Rally and Seminar
                        Saturday, April 9th, 2011
                         Lyman Harbor Event Center, Sandusky, Ohio
                         Begins at 10:00am and goes to 7:00pm
Featuring a number of speakers and organizations who are working to restore representative government. Food and beverages are available.
I am honored to have the 10:15am to 10:45am slot at the podium. My topic is “Liberty unites us.”
Go to:    for additional information.

Our progress on the first commentary of our Commentaries on Liberty series is being printed as we write and/or read. The second one is currently undergoing editing.
Book One: The Cornerstone of Liberty
Book Two: The Case for Liberty
We will be providing them for groups that want to resell to make some “dinero” for local operations. If your organization is interested, contact us at the email address listed at the bottom of the page. We are hoping that the printer will have some done in time for the April 9th event in Sandusky. Our plan is for ten of the smaller books which will be merged into one massive door stop-sized tome.

Have a super, wonderful, fantabulistic  remainder of your weekend. Littlestuff –minoosha will return on Monday if God wills.

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